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Annual General Meeting photos

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The Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Middlesex is to be held on Wednesday 28th October 2015 at The Royal Masonic School for Girls, Rickmansworth.

Past Rank – Promotions 2014

Past Prov GSW
 Thomas Frederick Auber PProvGJW Temple (173)
 Graham William George Dennis PProvGSwdB Exedra (1138)
 Barry John Matthews PProvGSwB High Cross (284)
 Dudley Richard Smith PProvGJW Temple of Uxbridge (1393)
 Barry Keith  Williams PProvGJW High Cross (284)
 Robert Charles Williams PProvGJW Keystone (3)

Past Prov GJW
 Trevor David Currans PProvGMO Mill Hill (883)
*John Dudley Davies PAGDC Keystone (3)
 Benjamin William Dykes PProvGSD City of London (869)
 Michael Joseph Flint PGJD Hampton Court (448)
 Philip Freedman PProvGMO Duke of Connaught (199)
*Julian James Greenwall PGJD Cranford Park (1054)
 John Walter Moss PProvGMO High Cross (284)
 Malcolm Ivor Pollock PProvGJO Kenton (901)

Past Prov GMO
 Michael Frederick Bainbridge PProvGJO Tower Hamlets (892)
 Ronald Coleman PProvGJO George Parker (1316)
 John Claude Eversfield PProvGSO St Giles (1017)
 Terence Gilbert PProvGJO St Pancras (494)
 Brian William Lown PProvDepGDC Tower Hamlets (892)
 Ian John Harry Wassell PAProvGChap Sir Francis Burdett (181)

Past Prov GSO
 Robert Feldman Barrs-James PProvGJD Air Unity (1205)
 Paul Francis Goddard PProvGSD NEMIMM (873)
 Brian Douglas Howell PProvAGDC Emblematic (350)
 Jeffrey Monnickendam PProvGSD Kenton (901)

Past Prov GJO
 Andrew Howard Barrett PProvAGDC Christopher Wren (861)
 Jagbir Singh  Bhasin PProvAGDC Kenton (901)
 Clive Clair Hartstone PProvAGDC Headstone (931)
 Alan Montague Ware PProvAGDC Chiswick (357)
 Christian Jerry Williams PProvGJD Mill Hill (883)

Past Prov GSD
 Colin David Burch PProvAGDC Temple (173)
 Michael David Cole PProvAGDC Alexander Burnett Brown (1373)
 Graham John Fielding ProvGTyler Staines (858)
 Wilfred Roger Middleditch PProvAGDC Enfield (772)
 Brian Goronwy Roberts PProvAGDC Middlesex St David's (1063)

Past Prov GJD
 Andrew John Curtis PProvAGDC Hampton Court (448)
*Peter Geoffrey Hill   City of London (869)
 Frank Martin PProvAGDC Duke of Connaught (199)
 Alec Sterling PProvAGDC Headstone (931)

Appointments to Past Provincial Grand Steward

 Peter Moore ProvAGDC Twickenham (1378)
 Jeffery William Payton ProvAGDC Exedra (1138)
 Savvas Savva ProvAGDC Alexander Burnett Brown (1373)
 Eustace Thompson-Shaw ProvAGDC Mill Hill (883)
 David Christopher White PAGDC Gauntlet (1469)
 Clive William Blake  PAGStB Twickenham (1378)
 Johannes Marcus Padman PDepProvGDC Ealing (10130

*Regulation 78 of the Book of Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England Wales and it Districts and Lodges Overseas

Past Rank – First Appointments

Past Prov GJW
 James Alfred Hardwick Keystone (3)

Past Prov AGDC
 Michael John Brown Air Unity (1205)
 Harry Pearce Cumming Staines (858)
 Andrew Warwick Belither Davies Oxford & Cambridge (505)
 Clive Ronald Blackmore Star (499)

Past Prov GStB
 Ronald Andrew Alder High Cross (284)
 Barry Stewart Greenhalgh High Cross (284)
 David Kellehar Mill Hill (883)
 Derek Samuel Marks Duke of Connaught (199)
 Peter Jeremy   Parks Chiswick (357)

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Middlesex
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