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Donating to the Middlesex Mark Benevolence Fund - A guide for Lodges


This page refers to the Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund only

Gift Aid

The Grand Charity envelopes, available at most masonic centres, comply fully with new Revenue requirements and are to be used for donations to claim Gift Aid. The minimum needed on the tear off slip is:

• First name and Surname
• House name/number and Post Code. The full address is preferred but not mandatory.
• Donation and Relief Chest Number. The Lodge name is not required.
• A tick in a box at the south east corner

In all cases, it is recommended that the Relief Chest Number be entered on the envelopes before issue or else a variety of numbers and names will, and do, appear, causing complications. Before sending any claims, all payment slips should be examined for completeness.

Collections for MMBF using the lodge relief chest
Process the collection as usual; making a schedule for your own records. Complete the Envelope Verification Schedule and send with cheque to Grand Charity for your own Relief Chest.

When the acknowledgment is received from Grand Charity, it will give the amount including estimated Gift Aid credited to the Lodge. Send a Lodge cheque to the Provincial Treasurer for the total amount with a copy of the acknowledgment. Alternatively, use a Relief Chest (green) transfer form to: Charity – Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund Registered No. – MMM2068

Collections for MMBF Direct
Enter the Relief Chest number MMM2068 on the slips before issue. Process the collection, producing a schedule listing Gift Aid envelopes and cash. Send the Provincial Treasurer the slips and a Lodge cheque for the total payable to Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund.

Fund Raising Events
The Provincial Grand Charity Steward should be consulted at the design stage of any appeal literature. If the event takes place at one location and date, the above procedure should suffice.

Individual Donations
Forms from Grand Lodge are available for both standing orders and one off donations. These are being handled at present by the 2012 Festival Treasurer. Either he or the Provincial Charity Steward should be consulted.

Whilst the Middlesex 2012 list is closed, MMBF honorific is still available. Details from the Provincial Charity Steward.

Contact Points
Your contact points for the Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund are:  

Provincial Treasurer - Martin Hickman-Ashby
Provincial Charity Steward - Paul Craker

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Middlesex
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