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Masonic Tour of Rome & some real porphyry stone.......

WBro Mike Neville of Ashlar 236  led a Masonic Tour of Rome, accompanied by WBro Bob Hancock and WBro Peter Reeve, a Yorkshire Craft mason and researcher.  Mrs Brid Hancock was the "David Bailey" for the tour!

The tour visited many locations connected to Masonic degrees, including the Arch of Constantine (Red Cross of Constantine), churches connected with the martyrdom of St Lawrence (Allied Masonic Degrees) and the Arch of Titus, celebrating his destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD.  Titus features in Chapter ritual and the shown on the Arch are the treasures looted from the Temple (as described in the Royal & Select Masters, Royal Master ceremony).    

We will never know if the treasures looted were copies of the originals made by Hiram Abif (& stolen by the Babylonians).  BUT it is fascinating to consider that the Arch may show such items. Interestingly for Royal Ark Mariner is the Temple of Romulus - the two pillars are made of porphyry stone.  

Photos show:

1. The party in front of the Arch of Titus

2. Pillars of the Temple of Romulus

For information on presentations on this subject and historical tours, contact WBro Mike Neville at

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