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Toast to R.W.Bro. Richard Ludwik Gan

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Given by W. Bro. Alan Holton at the Middlesex Provincial Annual General Meeting 2013.

R. W. Brethren, V. W. Brethren, Brethren all

Brethren one of the privileges afforded to me as Deputy Provincial Grand Master is the pleasant opportunity to propose the health of the Provincial Grand Master, R. W. Bro Richard Ludwik Gan. JP

Now Richard and myself go back a long time and have worked together in many Masonic capacities.
But being a Masonic gentleman I have never enquired about the rather intriguing name of Ludwik.
Well I can tell you now that the name Ludwik is Polish and when translated it means Renown Leader and a person of caring dominance! The English equivalent is Lewis so you can see there is a Masonic connection. The capitol L of the name is a Masonic Symbol being an angle of 90 degrees or the fourth part of a circle.

The right angle depicted in the Mark Masonic Alphabet represents D of the English language, which also slots in with the name Richard, whch sometimes is abbreviated to Dick! I will not expound on the latter as I have only just arrived in the job and I would like to keep it for a while.
As I mentioned, one of the translations refers to the name Ludwik as being a person of caring dominance. Our Provincial Grand Master displayed his caring nature a short while ago at one of those events in the calendar where it is customary for the husband to spoil his wife. Richard’s wife Niki, a lovely caring lady was looking forward to maybe a bouquet of red roses, or a bottle of Chanel, or even a romantic dinner for two to celebrate this important day, so Mother’s Day arrived and Niki was not exactly impressed when she opened her gift and was quite startled to receive a garden fork! Practical!

A practical caring dominance was again displayed by his love of dogs. Being the proud owner of two Miniature Schnauzers, which he loves to fuss over, on the celebration of his birthday our Provincial Grand Master enjoys nothing more than his regular visit to Glyndebourne, walking the dogs and enjoying a picnic. By the way Niki informs she has to wait to be invited taking 2nd place to the Schnauzers!
Something about a dog being Man’s best friend!

The other translation for the name Ludwik is, as I mentioned, a Renowned Leader. This we cannot dispute.
Our provincial Grand Master is a learned man, having indisputable academic qualities and is a natural leader of men. He is already proving himself a solid, respected Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Middlesex, no mean feat when following the high profile of leadership displayed by those who have presided over our Province before him. He has outlined his intentions for the continued progression of the Province of Middlesex which is onward and upwards. The Middlesex Brethren I know will give their upmost support for its future success working with our Provincial Grand Master R. W. Bro Richard Ludwik Gan.
Nihil Secundus “Second to none”
Brethren I now invite you to stand and join me in toasting the continued good health of our Provincial Grand Master R . W. Bro Richard Ludwik Gan and to wish him every success leading our Province.
Brethren the toast I have the honour to propose is that to:
R. W. Bro. Richard Ludwik Gan our Renowned Leader for and over the Province of Middlesex.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Middlesex
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